Story continued
Hi Youngs,
I can attach pictures now! So here are a few of Ralph and me and my horses. Hope you don't mind me sending them.

Hello Barbara and Robert,

I listen to the recording of our talk everyday. It helps me along my way all day. I have been sharing my experience with others and every time I do I am pleasantly surprised at how it is received. I am filled with joy every time. You were right (of course) I feel fantastic when everything is going a million miles an hour. I feel alive and can easily handle it. Please feel free to post our talk on your site. Whenever you feel we should, I would love to talk again.

Tomorrow I will be contacting people about spending time with the horses! I took Ralph's mom out to the farm and she got a lot of peace and pleasure there. The next day (today) everything was much quieter at her house for all of us. Don't think that was a coincidence. I forgot to tell you about the woodpeckers! I see woodpeckers everyday! They started "appearing" a few days before Ralph passed. One day they seemed to follow me around. How interesting. There are also a lot of buzzards. Those are the birds we were watching right before. He was commenting on how amazing they were just gliding impossibly high. So high a plane looked like it flew right next to them. They were also all flying in the same straight line, hundreds of them. It was such an unusual site. I think he flew away with them. What a rush! He loved driving fast cars. I bet he really likes flying.

I am following the feelings I get (and I don't know why :)) and feel peace when I move in that direction.

Thank you for being.



At this time I would like to add that my connection with Denisa has grown to a point where we dearly love our unique sharing of her experiences and even though the new vision presented by Robert to Denisa gave a very clear description of life, there were times when Denisa had to reach out again.
Love & Harmony ... Barbara.
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