Hi Denisa,
Thank you for contacting me. There is little anyone can do about the passing of a loved one except hold the love and vibration steady to support them on their way. You have obviously gone through the process of passing over with Ralph and now it is time to return and move forward with a very different life than you had before. This is not a mental task it is a physical task which is controlled by your breathing. With every breath in you can say “good stuff in” and on your out breath you can say “bad stuff out” as you breath in whatever is needed by your physical body and breath out whatever is no longer of use by the physical body. This will bring you back to a steady state where you can work with the trees and be once again stable in the physical world. As a female you will find that you will be dissipating whatever is needed for Ralph’s life and the cloud of fear and panic will dissipate each time you remember to consciously breath the “good stuff” in and breath the “bad stuff” out.
I am not sure what time zone you are in so if you contact Barbara you can arrange a suitable time when we can speak.
Love & Harmony,