Spiritual Entertainment
Spiritual Entertainment
New World
Let us entertain your spirit and open the way to a new existence of love and harmony
This is a universal story that will touch the hearts of many.
Barbara shares a very special session with Robert with Denisa’s permission
Follow up Phone Call with Barbara
It starts with a call for help via email and ends with a beautiful friendship that can only be described by the conversations and pictures that follow:
I have been listening to you and watching your you tubes for a few years. Only now I really need to actually hear you. You see Saturday 12.4.2010 my love and partner Ralph died. He died in my arms and I can't see my way out. Please tell me what to do. I know you know and I am so lost and frightened. I hope this message reaches you and you can contact me. Tell Barbara that you love her.
Following this call for help, there were several e-mails, back and forth, which eventually led to her introduction to Skype and a personal session with Robert
Robert’s Response ....
Hello Robert and Barbara,
Thank you again for our chat. It was invaluable. I hope to have the opportunity for more.
I am not sure what to share with others? You said I would have to speak about the transition without getting stuck in the loss. So I've been thinking about that a lot. I am avoiding or re-routing negative conversations about this event.
My happy switch is working. I am noticing how many want to flip it to miserable for me. I am trying to show them their happy switch.
Also the precision you spoke about. That my whole life will be high speed precision ... not sure what that looks like either. But I do know I like to be really busy. I am comparing it to dressage. A lot of communication with very little movement.
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