This is only the beginning of the stories we have to tell. We will add more as soon as they are compiled.
Love & Harmony .... Barbara
Hello Robert and Barbara,
I want to tell you all the strange and wonderful things that are going on. I really cannot see down the ski slope and its twists and turns!!!!! I feel like life is really like in your book "Magic of Life." I didn't finish reading it so now I must!!!!! I also have more questions. Actually one BIG question. How do I stay out of the rumpus room. I think I keep going back in there and getting lost making a mess.
Whoops I said it again - HOW. Wow. LOL
Anyway would love to talk. Going to listen to your newest you tube tomorrow.
Love you guys -Really!
Continued 2
HI Youngs,
I am so happy! I am skiing down the slope of life and it is exhilarating! Thank you for the freedom that you have shown me. You were holding the bicycle seat for me and now I am away! Believe me I am wobbly-but I am doing it. I have to focus so I don't fall.
I would love to talk again and ask for some clarifications and tell you about my joy. How is it down under? Snowing everywhere in the US, except here!
I went to the beach and swam in the sunset on Thursday and it was like being baptized. I feel I have a whole new life now.
Hi Barbara and Robert,
Wasn't sure where to send emails so I picked this address. I was banging in the rumpus room today and Saint came to get me out. Attached is the picture of my rescue! Looking back all the animals were there for me. They came to remind me how perfect creator's world is and that I am smack in middle of it. Beautiful